Separate Local Folders for muliple accounts - How to

I am running email client 3.5.
I synchronise with 2 microsoft Windows Live accounts, my wife’s and my own.
Unfortuately there are only the Global Folders and one set of Local Folders.
The local folders contain the email of both accounts instead of there being 2 sets of local folders.
Can you please tell me how to rectify this.

Paul Walker

Outlook/Express, Thunderbird and many other e-mail client that I’ve used only have 1 local folder. As local folder means it being stored locally on your PC, not to be confused with different user/identity. You can use IMAP instead of POP3 if your mail provider support it, this way, each account would have it separate folder. Alternatively you can arrange your e-mail via message rules as per specific e-mail account so mail for each account would moved to a specific folder.

You can also set each POP3 account to be in separate folder during account creating wizard. It is in the 6th step (Finish) of it. The option is “Create separate folder tree for messages”.

Solved my problem. Thank you.