Separate inboxes for separate email accounts

Hi - we currently use Windows Live Mail and are trialling emClient as a replacement.
We have 3 separate email addresses, used for different purposes, and it is important to us to be able to keep these separate - e.g. as per WLM which shows each inbox separately.

I have gone through the automatic email import wizard, but it has simply imported all 3 inboxes into a single inbox, which is not at all what we want. 

Is there a way of keeping each email account separately in the folder display?

Many thanks!


Don’t import the account settings from WLM. Instead go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and setup each account using the Automatic Setup. You will then have three separate account trees.

If you need to import anything from WLM, you can selectively import the data after you have setup the accounts in eM Client, and select the appropriate destinations.

For some reason I can’t use the Automatic Setup for my 2nd email address, so having to do it manually. That then only allows mails from each address to go into the single Inbox folder under the main account, but I want the mails for my second address to go into a separate Inbox under that account name - is that possible to set up please?