Separate folder trees for accounts.

When creating new POP3 account, user would select whether to create a separate folder tree or use Local Folders (or perhaps other existing POP3 folder tree).

I’d like to have this functionality for IMAP access (Gmail) too. It’s confusing to have 3 inbox folders - global,local,gmail. At least add ability to change view (columns) in global folders, please.

Just installed and still learning how to use this client, if we have more than one e-mail account for receiving and sending, how do we know which account is being used when. Or they all just displayed in just one screen and we need to figure it out. I think the Mail Boxes should be displayed for each account so we can answer for the account the mail was received. Or do I need to do more learning and setting up?

if you have multiple accounts (email addresses) you can define with rules that mail from account X will automatically be moved to a folder you define. Go to “tools-rules”