Sent/Received Messages Missing


We have two email accounts linked to our eMClient. Today we updated eMClient, and now both email addresses are showing the same inbox/sent messages. In other words, the data from email one is doublicated into the second email account, and I cannot find any of my sent or received messages for the second email address. I have tried refreshing, shutting down and restarting the computer. Any help is appreciated!

If the email accounts are setup as IMAP or Exchange, you can remove both accounts from eM Client, then add them again.

Before removing accounts, make a backup using Menu > Backup.

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Thank you that worked great! After doing so however, several of my contacts no longer automatically pop up when typing an email. Any idea on how to update that?

If you go to the Contacts section of eM Client, can you see those missing contacts?

I do not see them. There are about 15-20 random contacts in that section, where as before there were probably a hundred or so.

Were the contacts previously synced with a server? If so, using the web interface for that provider, can you see the contacts?

I did not specifically sync contacts, so I am not sure! If not, I would assume I lost that data by deleting the account? Thankfully I can search messages and find the person’s email. I just have to manually enter the contacts again.

With accounts like Gmail, eM Client will sync messages, as well as contacts and calendars. So maybe that was the same for you. In that instance, removing the account removes the data from eM Client, but it is not lost as it still exists on the server. You can login using the webmail interface for your email provider, and see if the contacts are there. If they are, then all you need to do is sync those contacts with eM Client.

Who is your email provider? Maybe I can help you with syncing the contacts again.

That makes sense. Our email provider is Great Plains Communication. I will try logging into that and see what I find.