Sent messages received not in date order

I use email on 2 devices. Emclient on my laptop and Gmail app on my tablet. When I open Emclient on my laptop, any messages sent via my tablet appear as a list at the bottom of the inbox after any received message so they’re not coming in in date order. Is there any way of getting them appear in the inbox in date order. Thanks

If the messages are appearing out of order, maybe you changed the sort order. At the top of the message list is a Sorted by option. By default it is Sorted by Received descending, so the newest message will appear at the top of the list. If it is something else, click on it to change it.

Be aware that sent messages do not get saved in the Inbox. They will be in the Sent folder. However, if the sent message is a reply to an existing message, using conversations (enabled by default) it will be displayed in the Inbox with the original message.

Thank you for your reply. The sort order is correct and the emails sent from Emclient (on the laptop) go into the sent box OK. But emails sent (new or replys) from the Gmail app on the tablet arrive in the Inbox. This in itself isn’t a problem but it doesn’t bring them in in date order. Just lumps them all at the bottom. I can get a screen shot if that helps.