sent messages not copied to Gmail Sent Mail folder

I’m using emclient 7.1.30794.0, Windows 10, Gmail. Most emails are not copied to the Sent Mail folder. The “Save copy to to Sent folder” option is checked. This happens usually but not always; every day one or two messages are copied correctly but the rest are not. This bug has been described before by several users over the past couple of years. I’m reporting it again here as a new post because it is a serious problem that is not immediately apparent – in my case, I’ve lost a couple of weeks of email records.

Robert, do they appear in the Sent Mail folder when viewed through the web interface?


Do they appear in All Mail?

They were in Trash. The good news is the sent messages are recoverable. However, I have not been able to figure out why they were deleted. The obvious suspect is a rule, but there are only three rules: spam, which I can’t edit; blacklist, which looks fine, plus one rule I added that deletes mail from a given sender. I double-checked that rule and it looks fine to me.

A rule was my thought also. Is there any pattern with the addresses in Trash, like is it related to the address in the rule you have?

If you are using IMAP, did you check for any rules in the GMail settings?

I already checked all those things, but It’s surely not the gmail settings because I use Thunderbird on another computer and the problem doesn’t happen. I will post an update here if I find anything new.


all my sent emails are in the Unread box… (???)

how do i select the sent emails and get them into the sent folder? i using POP with Gmail… my aim is to preserve important emails, accessible off line in the local folders…

of course, i am a newbie…


I think this is different from the original question in this thread, as that was with IMAP. Sometimes, when importing email from another client, the messages in the Sent folder are marked as unread. Just right-click on the Sent folder and choose Mark all messages as read. Going forward this should not happen with new messages you send.

great… thanx a lot…