Sent mails getting stuck in Outbox

Starting about two weeks ago all e-mails I have sent get as far as my outbox and stall.

They are not large messages
I do not run a VPN or the like
I have uninstalled and re-installed eMClient with the latest version. This cleared out the Outbox but new sends still stall.
I have also cleared out all the hidden eMClient folders in my account
I can still send using Windows mail clients
Incoming mails are unaffected
About 10 seconds after sending a message a copy appears in the Favourites Unread folder but not in the sending accounts Unread folder. All the messages say “Preview not available”
A few weeks ago I did try to send a large message but I got a message informing me and I cannot find any evidence of the message within eMClient.

Anyone have any ideas?


If it is an outlook, hotmail, live etc. account, see: Problems when sending emails via SMTP with accounts


First, let me say that I really like eM Client and have been a Pro user for years. But, this issue of not being able to send emails using,, etc. started on February 3rd, 2023 and still plagues eM Client users.

Yes, I understand that:

  1. Microsoft caused the initial situation and Microsoft should resolve it. But, it hasn’t and it doesn’t appear that it is in any hurry to do so. I am starting to think maybe it was intentional and it is going to stay that way.

  2. eM Client provides a workaround that users can download to temporarily fix their registry file to fix the problem. But, many eM Client users, especially new ones, don’t want to be updating registry files.

  3. eM Client users can create and use a Microsoft Exchange protocol instead of a regular IMAP protocol during the account setup steps and this will resolve the sending issue. But, some eM Client users don’t want to use Microsoft Exchange for various reasons and it appears this option may only be good for Windows users.

I found that some other very well known email client providers experienced the same sending situation as eM Client and fixed the SMTP sending issue on their end by issuing a new release of their application. This easily resolved the issue for those vendors’ existing users and made it unnoticeable to their new users.

This has me wondering. If other email client providers modified their applications to remedy this SMTP sending issue, is there a specific reason why eM Client doesn’t want to do likewise and fix the eM Client application with a new release so eM Client users don’t have to do workarounds or utilize Microsoft Exchange? Please help us understand eM Clint’s rationale.

Yes, because eM Client isn’t broken. There is nothing to fix.

It is your email provider’s server that is broken, and we have provided a workaround for your OS, so you can continue to send messages until your provider can fix their server. You don’t need to change the account in eM Client, just run the fix and it will be resolved.

So, where is the fix?

Thanks for the help which does work but it does not stick. I do the workaround but a small time later the symptoms are back. So far today I have had to re-do it 3 times and I have had to resort to Windows mail as it is awaiting a forth attempt.