Sent items problems

Al momento de enviar correos en el campo FROM: no aparece el correo o nombre de cuenta y estos correos enviados se demoran en aparecer en la carpeta de enviados. Que pasa?

When sending emails in the FROM field: the email or account name does not appear and these sent emails take time to appear in the sent folder. What happens?

I am unsure exactly what you are describing. Obviously a translation issue.

Do you mean that when you compose a new message, there is no from name or address available?

Maybe that is not the case, because if there wasn’t then you would not be able to send the message.

When you click Send, the message is moved from the Drafts folder to the Outbox and then uploaded to the server. Once the server confirms it has received the message, and is able to send it to the recipient, it will be moved from the Outbox to the Sent folder. eM Client then needs to sync the Sent folder with the server to show the new message. If there is some delay because of a slow connection or some other issue, there may be a short delay in the message becoming visible in your Sent folder.

If it is not arriving in the Sent folder, or the delay is becoming an issue for you, go to Menu > Operations and look for any SMTP errors in the Log tab. There may be some explanation as to what is happening.