Sent items from Multiple devices


Using EM Client on my work windows 10 laptop and have my email, cloud, running on Outlook on iPhone, iPad and mac mail.

The EM client doesn’t download the previous sent emails or the emails sent from different devices.

Can anyone help with this?

In eM Client, is the email account setup as IMAP? You will see that if you go to Menu > Accounts, where you will either have an IMAP, POP3 or EWS tab.
If it is setup as POP3, it will not sync the Sent folder.

If you login to the webmail interface for the account, can you see the sent messages?

thanks for this.

it is set as IMAP and some of the emails are now in but not all of them. I set client up this morning so wondering if it is a time thing.

The other thing I am looking at is a Unread view. I cant seem to find this. Can anyone help?