Sent Items From Iphone Not Appearing In EM CLient

I am using EM client with my gmail only.  When I send emails from my iphone they are not appearing in my sent items folder in EM Client.  Any advice gratefully received. thanks

Hello Vitek, I believe this issue may be caused by the device using a different sent folder than eM Client, Apple devices / clients will most likely create a “Sent Items” folder on your mail server to store the sent mail within that folder. Can you please check if you have such folder listed on your mail server (or in the left pane) and check if it was populated by your phone’s sent messages?

Thank you,

Hi Paul
thanks for coming back to me.  I cannot find a ‘sent items’ folder on my server.  I am using gmail - not sure if this changes anything. 
I have reviewed my ‘sent items’ folder on my iphone - it shows all sent emails including those sent through em client and from the device.  it’s just my EM Client programme that is not showing all sent items properly.

Are those messages available on the server in the sent folder? Note that eM Client only synchronises your items with the server, not your phone so if your phone for some reason only keeps the items local, and does not upload the items to the server, you won’t be able to download the messages into your sent folder in eM Client either.


This is really bizarre, but the emails are now appearing correctly in EM client…sorry to have bothered you and thanks v much for your assistance.

Glad it works, make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.