Sent items from alternative SMTP address - MISSING!

Stick with me here, this is: Not the usual suspects.
I have an IMAP account setup, working fine. Lets call it - No.1@email(dot)com
This email address has an ‘ALIAS’ setup on the SMTP server. Lets call it - No.2@email(dot)com
So anything sent to No.2@email(dot)com gets redirected at the SMTP server into No.1@email(dot)com’s email inbox.

So in my clients, I have always setup a second account, for No.2@email(dot)com. It cannot login to any servers, so I usually delete or untick any mail receiving options. However, occasionally I need to send email OUT using the alternative address of No.2@email(dot)com.

So I have setup this environment in emClient, and it works well, from what I can tell/see. However I needed to check an email actually went after I had an internet connection issue just as I hit the send button on an email addressed from No.2@email(dot)com, and received a send error. Behold my amazement when I realised, the emails sent from No.2@email(dot)com were not in my sent items. I tested this three more times to another email account. The emails arrived, sent no problem. But NOTHING in my Sent items folder.

So you say - Of course, they are in Sent Items for No.2@email(dot)com, or you would think. But there is no No.2@email(dot)com folders showing, ANYWHERE! None to be found. Errg.

What’s the deal? How do I find the emails sent from the second alternative SMTP account?

Every time I have done this before in other mail clients, the emails either show up in the Primary email address folders, or there are a second set of folders under the alternative account, like having two full blown email accounts in the one client. But emClient… NOTHING!

But in doing all this, I have found I can add an “Alias” address to the primary account. So I tried this… However now, in the Sent items, it says it was sent by No.1@mail(dot)com, NOT by No.2@mail(dot)com, This is really confusing, because now I can’t filter/search for all emails sent by the Alias, No.2@mail(dot)com!

Anyone been down this road before? Did you find a solution/setup you could help me with?

Hi, this looks a bit more complicated than necessary to me. Why do you set up a separate account in the client for your alias? Aliases are used within the same account. In the “General” tab of your main account, it should be possible to add your as an alias.


If you have defined the alias on the server, it should be possible to select it in the windows popping up after you have clicked on “Aliases”.
Afterwards you can use both and within the same account and folder structure.

Have I missed the point? :thinking:

Yes, you did miss something. When choosing the option to add an Alias to a primary account, in the sent items, the emails sent with the Alias show as being sent by the Primary account. Defeats the purpose of checking the sent items for emails sent by the Alias.

With the alias in the primary account, you can define a rule that will redirect messages from to another folder than “Sent” when you send them.

You’ve missed the same point again. Emails sent from No.2 setup as an Alias in the primary account (No.1), are showing up in the sent items as being sent by the primary account, No.1. There’s nothing to use in the mail header to write a rule with.
ALL the emails in the sent folder are shown as being sent by No.1, regardless if the Alias is chosen when creating and sending an email.

Wierdly enough, the received email has the ‘name’ of the Primary account, but the reply-to address of the Alias! This is very undesirable.

If you have no.2 as an alias in your no.1 account, and you select no.2 as the sender when writing a message, no.2 will also be shown as the sender in the header of the message that you have sent. If you go to “Menu”, “Rules”, you can set up a rule that will redirect the copies of your messages sent from no.2 to a folder other than “Sent”.

So to confirm for anybody else reading this, the statement above:
"If you have no.2 as an alias in your no.1 account, and you select no.2 as the sender when writing a message, no.2 will also be shown as the sender in the header of the message that you have sent."
Is not true in my case, running Free Ver.8 with latest patch to fix the spell check.
The emails sent as No.2 (Alias), show in sent items with the name of No.1 having sent the email. Bizarre, I know, given the recipient sees the header correctly!