Sent items automatic move

I used Outlook.
I change my email program to your emClient.
I ordered my emails into lot of folders. I can import whole emails into emClient. (THX a lot!)
I move incoming email to another folder manually (it is good and enough for me).
Wheen I reply ordered email the emClient move sent mail into “Sent items” folder, not to the currect folder. It is very hard work to select from “Sent items” email to move another folders.

How can I set emClient for same working?

I would like to advise that: every sent items put into same folder where is the original email.

Thanks for all answers!

Hello, not quite sure what you’re suggesting, Sent mail is saved into the Sent folder, this is a standard IMAP behaviour, you can apply a custom rule on your sent messages to make a copy to a selected folder, unfortunately it’s not possible to save sent items automatically into the folder you’re replying from.

We will consider improving this for future releases.


Dear Paul,

You understand my suggestion perfectly.

Best regards, Zoltan

I would like to know that this feature will be in 7.0 version or not?

Hi Zoltan,
the sent emails are still stored in the Sent folder, but if you use Conversations you will be able to view all the sent and received emails from the given message exchange in the same folder.
However, the feature as you requested in, is not yet implemented.


Dear Olivia,
We not use conversation we have email communication with our partners, therefore this “idea” or “request” is very important for us.
(I have to move whole emails to subfolder before I leave the office every day)

BR, Zoltan