Sent Folder Only Contains Email Sent From Current Device

I have always found it frustrating that when using two computers, eM client would only show me sent messages from the computer being used (not syncing with the root gmail account). After tooling around in the platform, I found a very simple fix that is likely just an out-dated setup -

Go into Tools / Accounts / IMAP / Special Folders  - Uncheck the box and switch “Sent Mail” to “Sent”. The former won’t recognize Gmail’s sent folder because the URL is actually listed as “Sent”.

Once updated, your eM client will sync with Gmail and show ALL messages sent, not just those from that particular installation of eM client.

I am sure there is a post buried somewhere with this solution, but I couldn’t easily find it so I figured I’d go ahead and post anyway.

Hello Ryan,
thank you for sharing a solution to your problem.
Did you setup the Sent folder name previously on any other device? Because we have encountered this issue on some private servers before, but not usually with Gmail.


Nope, all devices were setup with default Gmail settings on standard internet access. However, my Gmail being accessed is a private business account with a custom address - perhaps that is the issue?