"Sent" folder not syncing to emClient

I use eM Client on my computer. I have a Comcast IMAP email account. My inbox syncs on all of my devices and eM Client, but the “sent” messages do not show up in the “sent” box of eM Client unless the email was sent from eM Client. If I send the message from my phone, it shows up in the “sent” box on all devices and the server, but not on eM Client. The only items in the “sent” box in eM Client are the emails that I composed and sent from eM Client. Can you please help? I am using the latest version of eM Client, but it doesn’t work on this version or the former version.

I replied to this on another thread.

Yes, I did see that, and I checked that the box is checked, but the sent folder still does not sync with eM Client. All other devices and server sync the sent folder.