Sent folder doesn't work properly - eM7

The Sent folder with Gmail doesn’t seem to work properly - not getting or keeping all the Sent emails. Thanks for any advice.

Just a thought – please make sure that menu/tools/settings/mail/send/"Save Copies of sent messages in “sent” folder is checked.

Yes - it’s checked.

Hello, I’ve tested it with my gmail account and Sent folder worked just fine. Could you, please, specify the issue?

Thank you!

Please try sending an email to yourself and reply to others. For some reason mine is not showing the emails in the Sent folder except occasionally. Also, items Sent may disappear from the Sent folder if you check later. Please advise as this problem didn’t exist in eM6. Thanks.

Do the sent items still show up as part of the conversations (assuming you use conversations)?

I don’t see them in conversations.
An example - after I just turned off Conversations - sent an email to myself. It shows in the Sent folder and of course in the In Box. When I delete it from the Inbox, it is gone from the Sent box too.

Another example, I Reply to emails and they show in the Sent box. Later, they have disappeared.

I must have some setting wrong - or at least it changed from eM6 - where I could go back and see all my Sent messages. They are also, gone on the Gmail web site so eM7 seems to be deleting them there also?

The box is checked to Save copy in the Sent folder.

Your first example, I believe, is expected behavior as the email sent and received are the same email. It does behave this way for me as well. In fact, the same thing happens if I send and delete an email to myself in the gmail web client. Why sent responses are displaying and then disappearing is beyond me.

Jay, it seems like in the first example, it should stay in the Sent folder even if you delete it from the Inbox. I will watch it with the conversation mode off. Thanks.

Hey Andy–I have confirmed in the gmail web client with conversation mode off, deleting the received email deletes the sent.

Does it both On or Off on mine.

Welcome Jelena! :wink:

I have an idea about the e-mails vanishing from the sent folder after some time - please, check your Automatic Archiving setting in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail. Do you have it checked and do the e-mails vanish after the period of time specified for archiving? If so, you may uncheck the archiving or choose some longer period of time. Please, let me know if that worked. 

Deleting the e-mail you’ve sent to yourself does indeed delete it in all folders; that is, however, a standard behavior of e-mail servers - try doing it in gmail web interface and it shall behave exactly the same. 
I will try to replicate the other problems so I know what might be going on :slight_smile:

It is checked: Enable automatic archiving - then every 7 days, then older than 21 days.

I haven’t noticed the problem any further.

Thanks for your advice.