Sent emails Via eM Client to microsoft mail goes receivers spam

When i send email to an or address it goes into their spam. This does not appear to be happening with any other domain. Thanks

I can think of two reasons it could happen:

  1. has some crazy spam setting on their server. I was using one of their accounts for testing, and almost every message sent to that address went to spam. After months of messaging with Microsoft Support, (incidentally their own Support messages also ended up in the spam folder) their solution is to include the sender in the safe sender’s list, otherwise the message goes to spam. That means if you have an account, you need to check your spam folder every day, because there are going to be many messages there. You also cannot disable spam filtering on their server.

  2. Some servers will mark messages with signatures as spam. If you have eM Client automatically inserting a signature at the end of your message, that could be the cause.

Hi Gary, Thank you so much for your reply. I was playing around and think it might be a problem with the way eM Client automatically set up my godaddy email. I changed a setting under accounts. It had an authentication option that had checked off use identity authentication (Em Client automatically configured by email to this option. I took a chance and changed it to use the credentials of my email and password, with the server information still intact. My test wprked but i have no idea what I did - or if it will mess up anything else. What are your thoughts.
Again, thanks so much for helping me with this, Wendy

It actually does not work. still going into spam – but only the godaddy email…

Maybe the recipient has not added you to their safe senders list.