Sent emails slow to show in sent folder

Just installed eM Client (12/13/2021) as a move from Outlook. In Outlook when you send an email it immediately shows in the Sent folder regardless if the send process has been completed. In contrast, in eMC the sent email does not appear in the Sent folder until sometime later. This can be quite confusing when sending multiple emails and you are waiting for them to show up in the Sent folder. All the other email functions I need work much better than Outlook with my IMAP email provider. Under Settings>Mail>Send: the three boxes are checked under Send and Enable Send Later is unchecked. Is there a another setting I need to adjust?

In most cases messages in the Sent folder are created by the server.

First, you need to wait for the message to actually be sent. If another application is showing the message in Sent before it is sent, then that is just wrong. Once the message is sent, the server will create the sent message, save it in Sent, and then eM Client will sync that folder via IMAP from the server.

There could be some error in the sync, or just a slow connection.

Thank you for the quick response. In MS Outlook the email is immediately sent to the Sent folder and is highlighted until the sync with the server confirms it has been sent. This helps the user know what emails have been sent and can follow-up if there are any send errors. In eM Client there appears to be no way to track sent emails until the user’s service provider confirms the send (other than monitoring the Operations Window for send errors or logging into Webmail). It would be better to have the sent email be immediately copied to the Sent folder and have a status confirming the email was sent after syncing with the IMAP mail server. That way any delays on the mail server can quickly be caught and email threads monitored more easily. Thoughts?

No it doesn’t because the message may not have been sent. The Sent folder is only for messages that have been sent, not those waiting to be sent.

In eM Client the message is moved to the Local Folder Outbox and then sent to the server. If the message is not able to be sent, it will still be in the Outbox. That is the proper method of doing this.

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Ahhh!!! Perfect! :slight_smile: It’s in the local Outbox… Thank you! Truly appreciated. Tested and you are correct! Perfect place to house them while waiting to be sent.
So far I really like eM Client, so much better than Outlook. I setup the backup, have imported and mapped my contacts and desiginated my data repository and everything is working very well.

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