Sent emails showing as draft in red letters and recipient not actually receiving the email

Using emClient 7.1.30794.0 on Windows 10 x64, connecting to an address via the Exchange connection.

All was working well until a problem with Quickbooks email Invoice feature which was supposed to connect to the mail server directly and not do any MAPI.  All the invoice emails work appear in the Outbox and not send.  When deleting them, we would get an error about not being able to move the email to the trash folder, however, in emClient it was in fact moved to the trash folder, but this was not reflected on the server, so no synchronization took place.  In an effort to fix this, I deleted the account and set it up again.  All synchronised down, but now when sending emails, they appear in the Sent folder in emClient, but when previewing them in the Sent folder, they are marked with draft.  Furthermore, these email appear in the Sent folder on the webmail but when previewing it, I get the text “Unable to reply All”.  I have deleted and recreated several times, to no avail.  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled, manually deleted all the files in the appdata\emClient folder but again to no avail.

I have since tested this with Outlook 2013 and they do appear as draft emails in the Sent folder.  I can then edit the email and send the email normally.  Although it appears as send in both Outlook 2013 and, I’ve yet to receive the email.

I still randomly get the error regarding not being able to move and email from one folder to another, say sent to deleted.

Does anyone have have any suggestions?


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I’ve just this morning had another customer report similar where they send an email, but it turns up in the drafts folder and isn’t actually sent.

I’d love to recommend you guys to other customers of mine, I mainly have free private home users but a few are paid up users.  Luckily this problem has so far only affected the free users, but I am finding the software very hit and miss for no obvious reasons, with many quirks.  I’m going to have to use start recommending MS Outlook to those who need the paid for version soon.

If someone in the emClient team can get back to me, it would be appreciated.  Thanks

[edit 05/01/2017 19:16]
I can confirm this problem exists when connecting up via imap too …

Hello Neil,
for such issue we’d need EWS logs from when the issue happens.
If you yourself use eM Client for business use (or any of your customers do) please report this issue to our Pro support.

To create logs:
Go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Advanced.
Enable EWS (or IMAP) logs.
Restart eM Client.
Replicate the issue with a new Sent message/try to move the message and have the error pop up.
Restart the program again.

Send the logs to our Pro support and add as much detail about the replicated issue as you can provide.

If you are using eM Client work business/work use and only have a Free license, please be aware that you are breaking our License policy.

We have set them up for use via at the moment, but will investigate next time I have access the the computer.  I will check the log situation again.  I have a private user too with the same problem who uses outlook to send via a domain with the same problem.  They have purchased the family name as a domain so no business use there.  I probably can’t report their problem through a paid user’s account as that’s not fair, and I don’t have access to customers paid accounts unless I am on site.