Sent emails management

It seems there are already debates on sent emails display, but not answering to my thinking.
How I get it so far is that when using the “Conversation” feature, sent emails are attached to a conversation, and when looking in the sent folder, I will see the whole conversation instead of just my sent mail.
Also if I delete a conversation in my inbox where I answered at some point, it will disappear from sent mail folder, and if delete the conversation from my sent folder, it will disappear from my inbox.
I can understand the logic behing that behaviour, but still, this is unusual and confusing.
In my sent mail folder, I want to see all the mails I sent, regardless of if I deleted or moved the corresponding conversation.
To give an exemple of a more common behavior -> In the conversation from inbox, the sent mail is just a reference to the mail in my sent folder, deleting the conversation won’t delete what is in my sent folder.
It makes a lot more sense, especially when in a work environnement, you want to be able to keep track of what you sent, event if the rest of the conversation can be trashed.

Is there any way to achieve that behavior without disabling conversation feature ?


You normally just disable conversation view.

I think what you are asking for, correct me if I’m wrong, is to be able to disable conversation view on a conversation by conversation basis instead of globally. Is your idea of delete a conversation a way of saying disable conversation for this set of conversations?

What I really mean is that my sent emails shouldn’t be deleted when I delete a conversation where I participated.
But to be fair, just checked in Gmail for instance, seems like the behavior is the same, the whole conversation is in the sent folder, if I delete it from my inbox for instance, my sent email disappeared from sent folder.

I found there is the option to see “Conversations only in message details”, I will try this and see if that makes more sense to me.

The bottom of my problem is that I’m using a company mail where the available storage is very small -> 500Mb per account. So I have to be carefull on what I’m keeping or not.

Thanks for your replies anyway.

A conversation is made up of received messages AND your replies. So if you delete a conversation, you delete both.

If you don’t want to delete your replies, don’t delete the conversation. Just delete the original received message.