Sent emails from phone not downloading via POP3

I use to use Thunderbird for about a year and decided to make a move to EM. One thing that I really like was that via a pop3 my emails that i had sent from my phone while not at the office would still down load when I returned to the office. I like to keep all my emails at my finger tips.  My email account is though gmail and I followed all the directions to set it up, and for that last 24 hours have been using it. The only issues is it is not downloading my emails send from gmail like they did on thunderbird. Any ideas? 

You have to save sent mail to Gmail’s online sent folder, not to your computers local “sent” folder. And eM has to look in that Gmail “sent” folder. In eM try going to Tools>Accounts>IMap Tab (in the Account in question). Under “Special Folders” – is “Automatically detect special folder names” checked? If yes, then does the “Sent:” line specify “[Gmail]/Sent Mail”?

gmail sent emails are located in the sent folder. I am using a pop3 set up, and not a imap. 

Is there a POP3 tab Under Tools > Accounts? If so, is there a “Special Folders” section? If yes, then does the “Sent:” line specify “[Gmail]/Sent Mail”?

Nothing in the pop3 tab reflects that. Only when I try to set up an imap. But i don’t want to use an imap config. It appears that either some crazy reason it worked on Thunderbird, but not on EM… after reading other post if similar issues, it looks that it is not supported or not suppose to work that way. 

Sorry I couldn’t help.

Hi Devin,
unfortunately it is not possible to sync Sent folder with the server in eM Client. The protocol itself is not meant for this.
I think TB must have used some workaround to sync the folder using IMAP, because POP can only download unread messages from the server and remove them.
I think that for your purposes, using IMAP would be more efficient.

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