Sent emails are not being received

Sent emails are not being received when sent with EM Client. I switched to EM client from Outlook last week, and everything seemed to be fine. But, today clients are telling me that they are not receiving my emails.

I looked at my POP3 settings and everything is as it should be. I also ran the diagnostics and everything came back OK and I got back the test messages.

It seems to be an issue with EM Client because I sent emails to those clients using Outlook and they went out fine. In fact, I sent out 5 test emails from Outlook and 5 from EM Client and only the 5 Outlook emails were received.

The emails go into my sent folder, and I don’t get any kind of error messages or bounce back emails.

Can you check with the recipients that the messages are not in their spam folders. The best way for them to do that is through the web interface for their accounts.

Who is your email provider?

Thanks for your reply. They are not in their spam folders. I tested it on my gmail account and the same thing happens–emails I send via Outlook (Outlook 2007, not are being received, but the ones sent via EM Client are not.

I host my complany’s email through Hostgater, however I don’t think that’s the issue.

It is strange because if the email is being rejected somewhere, you usually get some return notification. Bill, I would suggest you open a support ticket, and have them take a look.

Yep, I was just about to do that. Thanks!

Well, I have the free version, so it looks like this is all the support I get.

I just found out some new info…

I’m a web developer and a reseller for Hostgator. My clients that purchase their hosting through me are on the same server and they do receive emails sent with EM client. It’s the people not on that server that don’t receive them.  I contacted Hostgator and unfortunately they couldn’t find anything wrong.

This is just such a strange problem.

Hello Bill I am inexperienced in hostgator but I have a client that needs to migrate from free gmail to paid hostgator created a domain etc … I just set up the emclient here and it worked by sending emails from hostgator to my personal free gmail, however what I still haven’t been able to do is create a link where the hostgator calendar works and the hostgator contacts in the management by emclient, do you manage to do this? If you succeeded, can you help me by sending me something to understand how to do it? !! Thank you very much…