Sent email still going to inbox Please Fix

I know this topic has been discussed already and many users also seem to have the same issue.
I am currently testing and comparing different e-mail clients since I need to have a second one next to Outlook. em Client so far makes a very good first impression.
However, problem (yes a problem) is that sent e-mail stay in Inbox when conversations are turned on. This is very annoying and does not really make sense for an e-mail client. Why is there no option (checkbox), to turn this feature on and off. No, I do not mean conversations on / off.
In folder “Inbox” should only be incoming e-mails and not sent ones. How shall you achieve “inbox” zero?
Will this be finally fixed in Version 10?
In MS Outlook conversations work as intended. Why not copy it?

Remember: This is an E-Mail client not a chat tool like slack.

Conversations are often misunderstood, normally because some other email applications don’t include all the related messages into a conversation. Rather they show a threaded view of that folder only.

The sent message is not in the Inbox; it is still in the Sent folder. However, the conversation feature in eM Client groups ALL the messages in a conversation together for display purposes regardless of what folder they are in. That is what a conversations is; all the related sent and received messages.

It’s not for everyone, so there is an option to disable it. If you don’t want to see a conversation, you can disable it using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

eM Client has other features besides email. It also supports calendars, contacts and yes, chat accounts. Besides the normal ones like Jabber, you can add your Slack or Teams account to the upcoming version 10 of eM Client. We also support IceWarp Chat if your account is hosted on an IW server.

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Gary, as you know Outlook also includes all related messages into a conversation (click on small arrow next shows all messages). However, the thread logically disappears (moves to SENT) from INBOX once I sent a reply. I switch now to “show conversation only in message details” and test it.
BUT, I turned off conversations and my reply still stays in Inbox!? Why? This is not a gmail account.

Basically I just want a threaded view in the inbox not seperate ones, however you want to call it and the “thread” shall dissapear from the inbox once I send I reply. Simple as that. Many other users wish the same functionality . Just listen to your customers :).

That’s good to hear. All-in-one tools are becoming more and more relevant.