Sent email remains in Draft folder

When an email is prepared and duly sent, multiple copies of draft often remain in the Draft folder. Some of these copies have not content and cannot be deleted. Others are incomplete emails.


I confirm. When i have opened some draft e-mail for multiple hours (opened = editing) i have sometimes tens of drafts. I have IMAP account and set mail autosave every 1 minute and account sync every 5 minutes.
I need to clear drafts every few days.
On version 7 there was no problem.

PS. Version 8.0.3385 free. Changelog for last version notes only fixes for Yahoo accounts.

I have the same issues as described above. I noticed corrupted synchronization in version 8.1.774 too.

npl, Sylwester: What mail server do You use?

I am affraid things can go worse. Take a look to the “Sent Items” folder on the mail server (via webmail) and compare it with the Sent folder in eM Client. Are they the same? If I delete a mail from the Sent folder in eM Client sometime it remains on the mail server. In my case theese folder has got different mail count. I’ll never get synchronized it even if I do “Repair” action in eM Client. Most of user doesn’t know it beacuse they do not compare folders on mail server vs. eM Client.

Make sure when you do a mail count in eM Client that conversations are turned off. One sent message and two replies count as one when using conversations.

Hi Gary,
I don’t use conversation view.
Here is screenshot with webmail and eM81 side by side for You…
You can see the differencies

Yes, I see 10 count difference. At least the unread count is the same.

As 8.1 has not yet been released, you must have got it through your Pro License settings, or directly from Support. If that is the case, best bet would be to open a support ticket with eM Client.

Also there is an updated 8.1. Maybe update and see if there is a difference.

You could also look for any IMAP errors in the Log tab in Menu > Operations. Maybe there is some issue with syncing some messages.

Hi Gary,
unread count is the same only at Inbox folder. Issue relates to Sent Items folder where unread count differs, because i use unread flag to locate differencies.
Issue is not related only to eM8.1. I could see it in public eM8.0 too.

If you are not using conversations, there should not be an unread count in your Sent folder.

But still, if the Sent folder is not syncing correctly, then there should be some error in the Log tab. Your best bet is still to open a support ticket with eM Client. They will instruct you on how to enable additional logs, and will be able to determine from those logs where the issue is.

There can be unread count in Sent Items if I set unread mail in the folder.
As I wrote, I use unread flat to find out incorrectly synchronizad e-mails.

There are strange error lines in IMAP log. Support person took a look at it remotely via TeamViewer. No conclusion yet.
I would like to know if someone else encountered this issue.

Just by it’s very nature, a sent message is read. Unless of course you typed it with your eyes closed, but then as you composed it, technically it is read. :wink:

Maybe marking a message as unread is not the best way to do it. :wink:

Sorry. You don’t understand what I mean.
Marking sent messages as unread in webmail and consequently as read in eM8 is the only way to find incorrectly synchronized e-mails.
The only thing I wonder if it happens to someone else.

Well that is not the purpose of marking a message as unread. But if you want to be creative . . . . do what you must. Hopefully Support will offer some solution to the error.

To: npl, Sylwester
I discovered new parameter “AutoExpungeOnDelete” in Kerio mail server configuration file, set to nondefault value 0.
Setting this paramater to 1 solved sync inconsistency in folders Inbox, SentItems and Drafts.

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