Sent email not in sent folder

eM Client - 8.2.1721
Protonmail account - using Proton Mail Bridge - eM client connect to local host to deliver/receive email

I have a problem where eM Client recently is not displaying emails sent thru eM Client (I created the email in eM Client and sent the email with eM Client) - ie, if I look in the Sent folder in eM Client, it does not show that an email was sent. If I login to protonmail with a web browser, I do see the email in the online Sent folder (ie the message is sent to the recipient). This does not happen to all sent emails (most though lately). and I can receive emails on that account fine with eM Client.

I have enabled SMTP Diagnostics in the Account Settings but don’t know where the log information will be stored, nor what it will contain since the emails all do get successfully sent.

You will need to reach out to Protonmail and ask them for assistance. They will be able to help you determine if the Bridge is syncing all messages from their server. If the message is not in the Bridge, it won’t be in eM Client either.

Thanks for the reply.

I just configured Microsoft Outlook 2019 and setup my protonmail account using the Bridge connection and I can see all emails in the Sent folder. That leads me to believe that there is some issue with eM Client and not the Bridge software.

Under Settings/Mail/Send - I have “Save copy of sent messages to Sent folder” checked as well. A test send email with Outlook 2019 shows up immediately in Outlook’s Sent folder.

This email account has a 5.3G worth of files (the other 3 email accounts in eM Client have a total of 13.5G data). Might there be a problem with the size of this account combined with the others?