Sent and Trash folders are not appearing

I have installed eMClient three times and have repaired these folders heaps of times and none of my sent or trash emails are visible. BTW when I hit the blue repair button, nothing seems to happen. I use GMail and have Windows 11. I am using the free version until I can sort out this problem. What should I do to see the sent emails and trash emails?

Could be that you haven’t enabled the Sent & Trash Gmail labels to show in Gmail online, or you haven’t enabled the option in your IMAP tab in eM Client. See @Gary post below how to show and enable those Gmail labels in your eM Client acct.

@Gary post from the above thread.

Can you login to your Gmail account using your web browser. Go to Settings > Labels, and make sure both the Sent and Trash folders are enabled to Show in IMAP.

Then in eM Client, go to Menu > Accounts and click on the IMAP tab for your Gmail account. Make sure that Automatically detect special folder names is selected.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my query. I checked my gmail and em Client settings per your instructions and every thing was ticked as required. I use Thunderbird on a Linux laptop and used Outlook on a previous Windows laptop and everything was visible.

What version of eM Client are you running?

Also “Right click” on your Gmail account and click “Show / Hide” folders, and make sure your Sent and Trash folders are set to “Show” and not Hide.



Thanks for the advice. I right clicked on the account and checked status. Many of these folders did indicate that they were hide. However, changing them to show, rebooting and rechecking found that the sent and the trash folders were still empty.
I am using version 9.0.1361 (647eeb3).

When you go online to your Gmail via a browser, do those Sent & Trash folders show emails in them ?

Yes, they are visible when I go to GMail. The trash folder is called bin.

Yes, they are visible when I go to GMail. The trash folder is called bin.

Right click on the “Sent” and “Trash” Folders under your Gmail account in eM Client and click “Properties” at the bottom. Then click the “Repair” Tab at the top in each one and click Repair.

Note:- When you click Repair it can take a little time before you see your emails in the folders as its clears the local message cache in eM Client and then re-syncs the message from the server.

Failing that, then completely remove your Gmail account from eM Client via “Menu / Accounts” and “Re-add” your Google Workspace account via the Automatic email wizard.

Hey Cyberzork,
Thanks for all your time but I have already tried repairing and removed and reinstalled the EM Client 3 times already.

Ok. Normally whatever you see online in your Google Workspace accounts personal or business are always reflected under your Google / Gmail accounts in eM Client. Hope you get it sorted out.

The only other suggestion which you have already tried is to again "completely remove and re-add your Google Workspace accounts. Failing that uninstall the program and delete the database when asked on uninstall and then do a fresh new eM Client V8 or V9 install & see what happens.

Failing that you may need eM Client Pro support if you are a current paid eM Client Pro customer , or to contact Google Workspace support to see why your online mailbox Google folders and labels are not being reflected the same locally.

Hey Cyberzork,
Thanks for your all of assistance and time. I have got eM Client Pro and am seeking their support.

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