Sending/Receiving Email Problems With Accounts In eM Client In Addition To Sync Errors

First and foremost, I really
would appreciate anyone’s technical advice!  Secondly, I apologize in advance for such a long post!  So in order to recap on
what’s going on, here we go… Over the past 2-3 weeks my wife’s hotmail acct will
not receive any emails at all other than support emails, at least up until this morning.  I did receive a couple of test emails from her for the first time in several weeks from Em Client, and I replied to her email right away from my work lap top, but she is not receiving it.  Please note that these issues includes trying to send an email from and Em Client.  Installed the free/trial version of Em Client 2 days ago, and without thinking at the time, I installed all three hotmail accts. in Em Client, but have since deleted one of the three accts. yesterday.  Also, I am constantly getting the following “Sync Error” messages concerning her acct., and our other hotmail acct
in Em Client:  “Synchronizing Folder Failed [email protected] Due To The Following Error:
“The Remote Server Returned An Error (500) Internal Server Error”  The other acct does seem work even with the annoying constant 'Sync Error” messages.  I tried deleting both email accts, and then I re-installed
both accts in Em Client using the automatic set up feature to see if that would help, but I’m still having the same issues as stated above.  BTW, I do have Em Client set as my default mail, although this probably does not matter.  So I logged into to look at all of our (3) accounts, and there are messages in the other 2 inboxes, but no new messages in her inbox, other than a message from outlook support from the other day.  Now how in the hell do you explain that?    Also, while on, I checked the settings on both accts. and the IMAP, SMTP, and the other settings are the same on all 3 accts. and are correct. support told me to try another browser (I am currently using IE 11 on Windows 7 OS).  Now to me, that does not make any sense unless I intend to use as my web based email client.  Maybe the folks at outlook support know something that I don’t.  But obviously I am not the expert either.  Listed below are my server settings on both accts on, and in Em Client:  Incoming mail server>  Outgoing mail server>  Incoming server port>  (IMAP) 993.  Type of encrypted connection>  SSL.  Outgoing server port>  (SMTP) 587.  Type of encrypted connection>  TLS. 

Here is a little info that I forgot to include in the above post, of which I am not sure if this even matters:  I have recently uninstalled Office 365 just recently as 2 days ago.  One more thing… Over the weekend I set up my Wife’s email with connected accounts (3 total hotmail accts), and have since deleted those accounts on, and deleted the one acct. from Em Client also.  The 3 accounts are still active in, they are just no longer considered as “connected accounts” in outlook.  I guess this was not the problem.  Maybe this is a hotmail issue?  Emotional Status:  Going crazy one step at a time. 

Right now guys, I am def. at a point to where I have no damn clue on what to try next.  I have never had issues with email such as this… And yes, I am goofing off at work today… 

Update:  Just received an email from a friend in AZ, and included in the “From” [email protected], and the “To” contained [email protected] was someone else’s email address that is not in our contact list.  In other words, she actually sent it to someone else, but it came to my wife’s inbox.  Can anyone explain this??    

Regards, Gary