Sending Multiple Email's

When sending multiple Invoice emails out of my accounting package.
I have no problem if I send them one at a time. But if send say 10 Invoices.
3 will go to the sent box and are delivered . the remaining 7 will just disappear.
My Accounting package will say they have all been sent , but that’s not the case
Any Ideas

I suspect eM Client (as with most email clients) are not normally designed to handle mass SMTP email being pushed (all at once) from an external program in that way.

From my own experience with (non cloud) accounting programs I could only ever send / link one email at a time to another (non cloud) email program unless the email program was specifically designed to handle that.

The email clients have to pack up each outgoing mail request from whatever other external program and then send the email one at a time, so if the email client is bombarded by too much at the same time from an external program it doesn’t normally cope with that.

I would ask the technical support guys at your accounting program if you can adjust the eg: speed at which your accounting program sends / links each email to your external mail client (when sending multiple invoices) which hopefully then might allow eM Client to send those ok.

These days most accounting programs are (cloud based) and directly send email (within the accounting programs) so they are designed directly to handle that type of thing built-in and don’t rely on external mail clients to send.

Note:- The other thing you could try is to eg: Link your Accounting program outgoing mail to your ISP Webmail instead of linking it to eM Client (if you use an IMAP / Exchange mailbox), which if that then works ok, eM Client would send sync the sent mail that was sent from webmail.

Have a similar problem. Found EMclient will not send more than 3 emails from a list of various emails to be sent without loosing some. Still shows as Sent but the client does not receive them. Only recently started to be a problem. Just changed over to a Windows 10 PC, using Office 365 Cloud and MYOB V19.12 accounting system. Going to try sending via a Gmail account in case a problem exists with Microsoft and Office 365 Cloud. Had to make PC OS change as Microsoft stopped Office 365 ‘Cloud’ Exchange working on Windows 7 PC’s.