Sending Mail with Alternate E-mail Address (GMail's Send Mail As Feature)

Is there a way to setup alternate ‘Send mail as’ email addresses in eM Client? This is  not  the same thing as setting up another email account. I’m talking about the option in GMail’s web settings under Accounts and Import / Send Mail As: section. We use this feature all the time as we use a single GMail account for receiving and sending emails from different addresses.

Hello ziflin,

If you’ve filled in the addresses in the ‘Send mail as’ section of Gmail settings, you can set up these addresses as aliases in eM Client Menu -> Tools -> Accounts -> General tab - Aliases.


Sorry but this does not work the same way as it does in GMail. It appears this method still uses GMail to send the message and results in an unverified signature in the header as well as the GMail account address being visible in the header.

GMail aliases let me specify a different SMTP server to use (a 3rd party one setup for my other domain) when sending and result in a verified signature and no mention of the original GMail account.

It doesn’t look like I can setup a SMTP-only account in eM Client so I’ll have to go back to just using GMail I think.

I also need the functionality specified by ziflin.  Within the same account in eM Client, I want to specify IMAP using, but specify SMTP for sending mail as a Cox account.  If I try to setup eM Client in this way (IMAP as Outlook, SMTP as Cox), no messages are sent.  Does anyone have any ideas?

BTW, the web client provides this functionality.  You can setup a “send only” account with its own SMTP settings and then specify this as the default for sending mail.  Sent mail gets placed in standard “Sent Items” folder.

Yeah, I need this too.

Here’s how it is set up in Gmail:

After that, you can send e-mail directly from your standard Gmail account – but with any arbitrary of your other email adresses, like for example

So how can this be set up in EM client?

I enabled this function in Gmail and now, when I create an email in EmClient, there is a twisty and drop down listing both addresses.  I can select either one, but I cannot seem to make anything but the actual Gmail address the default. 

I would be nice to be able to set the default as a feature in EmClient. 

Unfortunately you can’t set the alias as the default.

Thanks for the reply and I believe that’s what I indicated.  It’s not clear to me if this is something that could be changed in a future release or a permanent restriction imposed by Gmail (or something else.)  If it is at all possible, I would like to see it added to the list of future enhancements.   EmClient is great product and this is only a minor inconvenience.

eM Client does not allow you to select an alias address as the default sender address, but will use the alias address by default when replying to messages sent to that address. This is be design. It is not dependent on whichever email provider you are using.

GMail has it’s own requirements regarding aliases, and any message you send using an alias setup in GMail will always contain the sent-by field in the header indicating the master account from which it was sent.

A simple solution is to setup an account for the other email address, and use that as the default.

You can propose an idea for consideration in future versions of eM Client by creating a new thread in this forum and choosing Idea instead of Question or Problem. If there is enough interest I am sure it will be considered, though maybe not implemented.

That’s a feature of Thunderbird.  You hit the down arrow next to the default sending address and you’re giving the option of sending the email from a typed in address.  Had to switch to TBird as I was helping someone with burial  arrangements, and didn’t want anything coming back to my email.  Nice feature. 

This method does work with, which actually relays the message to the alias domain for delivery. Google does not permit that, and will always include the sent from address in the header.

Also, it is possible to setup SMTP only accounts in eM Client. What you do is setup an account as normal, then afterwards go the account General tab and untick the IMAP service. I have a number of accounts setup like that.

Not all mail servers allow that Tomg8888, even with Thunderbird. One example is, who would automatically change the from address that you typed back to the address of the account used to log in to the SMTP server. And Google would add the sent-from header with the login address. Not sure if they still do it, but I guess they have (or had?) legal reasons for including the parent account details. 

It has been some time since I tried that, so it would be interesting to see the headers from a provider who does allow it.