Sending Larger files, does not work in V8


just joined this forum …

I 'upgraded to version 8 (well version 8.0.2951 (e2fe9f0) to be precise) recently after having used V7 without any major issues.

Initially it all appeared to function as the older version, recently i tried to send a large pdf attachment
(just over 5MB) and you normally see it appear in the outbox i guess while its waiting to transfer, but this got stuck there for hours, and clearly wasn’t sending…

I tried deleting this and some other re-trys and then sent some simple text only emails, and they appeared to send ok, next i tried a smaller .pdf (around 400KB) and surprisingly this sent ok, so it appears to be related to the file size, well that’s my thoughts anyway… i checked on the mail server im using incase this had some restriction on max file size and it indeed does… but its 50MB so it wont be that causing the problem, also tried sending the same 5MB pdf via another email to the same destination and that got through ok, so it must be something to do with emclient V8…

Sounds like V8 may have some problems from reading other posts here, just wondered if anyone else has bumped into the large attachment problem described?


As I am new to eM Client 8 and this forum I was curious and just tested sending a PDF of < 10 MB from one private mail account to the other one. It was sent successfully, so I suppose the issue is not related to eM Client. I only had to confirm that I wanted to send it.

thats interesting, the threshold seems to be about 4MB anything smaller goes, bigger gets stuck in that outbox … arghh :thinking: what actual size was the file you sent?

One of the most common reasons large file attachments get stuck and don’t send in mailers is antivirus email scanning. If you have any (optional antivirus program) running, disable it & reboot your pc to test.

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I mistyped the “>” symbol, it was supposed to be “greater than”. The file that I sent was 10.7 MB.

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Hmm, is it possible that the size restriction resides with the destination ISP?

thank you guys for some great ideas, was wondering if my isp might have changed their max attachment size, although never had the problem with the prev V7 emclient, but then again i rarely send files bigger than 4mb, so could be the problem was always there but i never bumped into it :grinning:

Done a bit more checking, and my ISP is 10MB max, so i dont think its that hmm…

and anti virus why would it work up to 4mb then stop there? so im feeling it is related to emclient v8… has anyone else had problems relating to sending larger files with emclient ?

hi vlad, thats very interesting, if some other users of v8 could try sending a 5mb file to see if they get the same problem,

So far for me its very repeatable, 3mb sends fine, 5mb gets stuck in the outbox and jams sending of any further small size emails…

I don’t think there is a bug with EM Client V8. Sounds more like the ISP IMAP sending problem.

I and my bro & a few friends use the latest EM Client V8 with a Gmail IMAP account on Win 10 and we can send any size file attachment. We also don’t run any optional antivirus / firewall / security programs.

I deleted my previous post because I had total lapse of reason. I confused MB vs. GB and I was trying to send a 4 GB !!! file.
I tried sending a 20 MB file now. It was sent and delivered with no issue.
So there is no bug in eM Client 8.

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My eMclient will not send photos or receive phone-recorded videos. How do I enlarge the mailbox?

What is the error you are getting? DOes your ISP have a size limit in place?

More information supplied the better your chances are of getting a response. Remember, volunteers are not clairvoyant :wink:

For the last 8 years I had been signed up with Plusnet’s ISP and have used Outlook Express, perfectly satisfactorily. They sent and received both photos and small videos. This February I had to buy a new computer and new programs and the computer salesman installed eMClient without consultation. Still with Plusnet. Same ISP. Outlook Express not installed. I didn’t know what info you needed as I am not particularly tech-savvy, I do think eMClient should be paying you for your work!

What indication do you receive when you attempt the sending of an email containing photos or videos?

What makes you think you have to “enlarge the mailbox”?

I thought I could ‘enlarge the mailbox’ because in Outlook Express I could go into the mailbox settings and change the number that stipulated the size of the mail that could be sent to a larger number. Which I did, and it worked.

You only answered the 2nd question…

As for the “size”, that is controlled by your Email host. I would suggest that you go on their site and see if you have the ability to ‘adjust’ size.

Another thought, OE is not supported any longer but a google search will give you info as to where you might be able to download a copy. Might make it easier for you based on your experience with that software.