Sending from the wrong account

I use the eM Client with two accounts. The primary one is a Gmail account. When I send a message and select to send it from the second (non-Gmail) account, it does not get sent via the SMTP server defined for that account. Instead, it is sent via Gmail. The sent message appears in the Gmail Sent folder, and in eM Client it says “From “<gmail account name>” [email protected] on behalf of full name to recipient”, where if I hover over the full name I see the email address of the second (non-Gmail) account.

Examining the mail header, I see that the Reply-To field is my Gmail address.

When I do this, there is no record created in the SMTP log for the second account (obviously I have turned diagnostics on for SMTP for the account).

The SMTP server for my second email address is correct and passed the initial setup test. In that account, both SMTP and IMAP are enabled as services. If I press the “Diagnose” button in the account settings window, the test email is correctly sent via the second account’s SMTP server.

Why is this happening – why is eM Client not sending via the correct account?

When you select to send the message from the second account, how many times does that address appear in the drop-down list?

If it is more than once, it could be that you have the second account address added as an alias on the Gmail account.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Gmail account. Click on the Aliases link.

If the second account is listed there, remove it. If it is listed in linked accounts, untick the linked accounts option.

Now try again and see if there is any difference.

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Indeed that was the issue, thanks @Gary!