sending emails with larger attachments but staying in outbox

I am having problems with my eM client software. When sending emails with larger attachments it stays within my outbox and says that there is a problem with my email server. However, it is sending the email and everytime it trys -sends it again. Is this a setting or a problem? I loaded this software on my old laptop and did not have the same problem.

I have teh same problem. My email account is hosted on Which server is your email account hosted on? Maybe it is a server problem?

No mine goes out via plus net. Comes in ok although this is through my personal web server. It does go but does not come off the outbox.
Unless it is under around 1MB in which case it goes out.

Okay, so no server issue. Problem is exactly the same with me. Nobody else has this problem? Or nobody sends attachments larger than 1MB?

The daftness of this - I started using this software on an old laptop (IBM Thinkpad), and did not have this issue.

I now have a Dell 2.25Mhz machine - and have issues. I was wondereing whether this is working too quick for the software???


I have sorted this issue. I found I was scanning my outgoing mail. Obviously the system was timing out as it was seeing a delay in sending the message.

Took off the outgoing virus protection - hey presto - works fine.

I am having the same problem. Any outgoing mail with attachments doesn’t send.

Hi Henry

I sorted this problem out by removing the outgoing scanning of my emails. Effectively it was timing out prior to sending the mail. It now works fine.

Hope this helps you.


OK…yep it’s working now although I would prefer not to do this but what the hell! I also notice that when I double click on a new downloaded message it won’t open unless I try again. Annoying as hell.

Hi Henry

What virus protection are you using and what level of protection do you have it set at?

If set at the maximum a lot of programs will show you the download - but it is still in a pending state, whilst the virus checker is still running through its operation. Hence you having to double click on it twice.

Hope this helps.


I have the same problem. My attachment was too large, now it keep trying to re-send and there’s no way I can see the original message to delete it. It’s been trying to resend it for weeks. I may have to uninstall this client.

Simply open the menu Tools - Settings and tick the option “Show Smart folders”. Then delete the large message from Outbox folder which should appear in the left pane.

Actually George, that was the first thing I tried to do. There is no file in the outbox. Where else can I look for this file? Would it be in a temp folder somewhere?

Also, the file I attempted to upload was uploaded via Gmail. I can’t find an outbox for Gmail.

Could you please post here a screenshot of the error message or an error description? Then I will be able to advise you further.

I have the same problem, using a gmail account. Where do I look to delete the message?

Hi, can you tell me how big your attachment is? Gmail has limit on how big attachments can be sent and your error message is quite straight about it.


Since I cannot see the original message…My problem in the first place, I’m guessing. Maybe around 45MB.

I can read the gmail message and have been to the page indicated. I get that. But I just want to delete the message that is causing the problem. That’s all. I have sorted other ways to share the information.

If you see that message on Gmail web interface then fastest way will be delete it from there.