Sending emails going to recipient spam folders

We’ve got an urgent issue with our emails that we were hoping someone might be able to help with please. In recent weeks lots of our emails have been going straight to recipients’ junk mail folders, it’s even been happening with suppliers who we have emailed almost daily for over five years.

we have done tests at /w mail-tester/ from our named email accounts, as well as from our hello@

It looks like the factors affecting the really low score from the tests are:

  • ‘Sender does not match SPF record (softail)’, Could this be related to us having the domain as primary with .com as an alias? I think it’s that way around, but could be the opposite!
  • 'ecowoodrings com dows now allow your server to use ecowoodrings com
  • There’s an image with ‘alt attribute’ in the message body
  • We’re listed on three blacklists! ‘SORBS’ (x2) and ‘BACKSCATTERER’.

Looking at the scoring, the real biggy seems to be the server issue.

Is there an SPF record for eMClient? We have our domain com in gmail workspace and then co uk as alias.

Any help would be really appreciate it. Tjhanks

jueves 16 diciembre 2021 :: 1901hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @FamilySG

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, this is not an eMC issue it is something
that relates to your email address that you will need to address with your ISP
to have your email address removed from blacklist.
There is a possibility that your email address might have been obtained as the
result of a hack of a third party company who had a note of your address and
your address was then used illegally by others sending out SPAM mail

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