Sending email with signature, Missing Attachment message.

I have set up my eM Client for my work and personal emails, and set up differing signatures. My work signature has my company logo image in it and when sent all appears to be fine upon receipt at the other end as far as I am aware and certainly shows on my iPhone.

There is however, one thing infuriating me, that is that every time I send the mail I get a pop up Missing Attachment message saying “It seems you might have forgotten an attachment. Do you still want to send this email without attachments?”

I always click yes and have not ticked the box to make it stop appearing because I have no idea why it keeps saying it?

Can someone please shed some light on this issue for me please? I have uploaded an image to show what I mean.

Hi Justin, eM Client contains a built-in option to confirm sending messages without attachments if they contain the word “attachment” in their body.
As I can see you have the word “attachments” included in your signature, so that is probably the reason why you’re constantly seeing the popup.

You can disable the option by using the “don’t ask again” option or in Tools > Settings > Confirmations, where you can also re-enable the option after using the “don’t ask again” option.

Hope this helps,

Many thanks. For the swift response.

It wasn’t such a problem, it just seemed weird as I have never had any other email client show that sort of message before, especially when it was an image in a signature.

I have now stopped it from showing again.

Hi Justin, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

I have this same issue, and like that it checks whether I have attached the item before sending however I do find it annoying when there is no attachment. Can the developers work on a way to ignore the  text in the signature when making this check? The signature needs to remain as it is for legal reasons so removing it isn’t an option.

Hi, sorry but I’m not completely sure if I understand, eM Client includes the feature to notify you about a missing attachment if you mention the word ‘attachment’ or it’s substitution in the text you’re sending.

You can either have this option enabled or disabled, however I’m afraid there’s no other way of checking if you wanted or did not wanted to include the attachment.