Sending email from within Word

Hi All,

Word 2021, eM Client 9.2.2157.

When I’m in Word and what to send that document as an attachment I click on File | Share | Email | Send as Attachment. Here it will open Outlook.

How can I make eM Client the default for this process?

I’ve set everything to eM Client in default apps.

Just a thought with Word opening the default mail client. Might still have the option there.

In the early days to get Word to open whatever email you wanted, you needed to go to Internet Options and click the “Programs Tab” and then set the default mailer. Then reboot your Pc.

Try going into the Internet options via Edge or the OS Run line and click the “Programs Tab”.

Press Windows Key + S and enter internet options in the search.

Or Press the Windows + R shortcut to open the Run Dialog Box.

In the Run dialog box search bar, type inetcpl.cpl and press Enter.

If that option is no longer there, I would look at going onto the Microsoft TechNet website & the Microsoft forums to ask that question.

Or maybe give Microsoft tech support a call. That was a Word MAPI connection email link thing.

Could be a option / preference within Word.

Running inetcpl.cpl | Programs Tab | Set Programs, will just open the Apps/Default apps in settings.

Setting Thunderbird as the default app works and will open via Word, however setting eM Client as default will not. Will default to Outlook.

Seems like an eM Client bug.

sábado 25 noviembre 2023 :: 1135hrs (UTC +0400)

Works correctly for me with Win11 Pro & MS Office Pro 2021 and opens eMC
So is not a ‘Bug’ in eMC plus I have a normal installation of Office & eMC
I also have Outlook installed, I guess it must be association on your computer


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Thank you for your reply, I will look into this further now.

I have the same problem and have changed every setting it will let me in the default apps. It has only happened since I “refreshed” my computer.
I’m running Win 11 and Em client 9.2