Sending e-mail using wrong alias

Hi there,

I have recently added a second alias to one of my e-mail account. I was testing it several times selecting the newly added alias but unfortunately the e-mail was sent using the other one (that was originally added long time ago).

Anyone experiencing this?

Hello Mark,
what account does this happen on?

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You mean what e-mail account? Or what eM Client account?

Is it Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/Other account?
Does it use IMAP/POP/Exchange/AirSync?

It’s an Outlook account. I assume it’s using IMAP.

Can you check instead? Either look at the tabs in Tools > Accounts to see the tabs (there will be an IMAP or POP tab if its those) or check the Tools > Operations > Log tab to see how your account is trying to connect.

Sorry, it’s using AirSync.

Hi Mark,
I’m afraid I found the root of this problem, but it is not very satisfactory.’s aliases can’t be used by any other mobile client or email application, and will be changed to the default ‘From’ address upon passing the outgoing SMTP server, they only work from the Outlook’s own web interface.


Unfortunately this is not something we can fix.

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Thank you Olivia. One question to find a workaround: I also have a gmail account set up using IMAP. Do you think that it can handle multiple aliases properly?

Yes, gmail aliases do work, I just tested it on an account where I added 3 aliases in eM Client and all of them send and receive messages correctly.