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Yesterday I tried to ask questions using the same title.

However when I today visited my “profile” there were no topic started by me.

So I will try to repeat the questions below.

There is a chance that I do handle this in a manner that not corresponds to the etiquette used by this community. If so I do apologize - it is not rude manners, it is just lack of know-how.

I am cashier for a small nonprofit community for maintaining a country road. Traditionally I have used MS Word for creating mass letters with the variable information (Name, Address, Invoice amount etc) kept in an Excel file. After linking to the variable data I have ordered Word to print the result and then sent the result by ordinary mail.
Today I tried to use the option in Word to send the result by e-mail.
Then I got the messages that I did not have an associated e-mail program.
So I installed eM Client. That partially solved the problem - I do not longer get the message “missing associated e-mail program”. However no e-mail is sent.

  •  How do I inform eM Client that MS Word is going to want to send a bunch of e-mail letters and/or specify for MS Word how to send the material to eM Client?

  • Is such a set-up at all possible?

Thankfully awaiting your reply,

Bertil von Post

Hi, I’m not completely sure what setup you’re using.
What version of MS Word are you using, what version of eM Client are you using?

I’m using the latest version and if I want to send a word document straight from the application I go to File > Share > Email, and use one of the options for example “Send as attachment”.
By clicking on this option while eM Client is setup as a default application, New email window is opened with the attached file.

I hope this is helpful,

Thank you for trying to help me.
My MS Word version is 14.0.7116.5000 (64-bit version) and my eM Client version is 6.0.20154.0.
I have encountered no difficulties whatsoever using eM Client - except in just this type of application - mass letter - using wich is the reason for me to download eM Client in the first place.
I will try to explain the mass letter usage to you. Being a swede my data panels are in Swedish and perhaps I will not use exactly the proper English keywords, but I hope you will be able to follow my presentation in your own setting.
Our country road maintainenance community is made up of forty-odd households but in this mockup example we will asume that there are only two members.
The invoice data is recorded in an Excel file ‘eM Client Invoice data.xls’. [Here I UPLOADed the first image which was recorded as '’]
Next I will create a Word document containing the e-mail pattern ‘eM Client e-mail pattern.doc’. [Here I upploaded the second image wich did not change the recording. If this way of communication only allow one image per letter, please send me an e-address to which I can send an “ordinary” e-letter with multiple image attachments. Asuming all is well, I will continue].
Now I will inform Word that I want to make a mass letter e-mail. I do so by choosing the 6th tab ‘Uskick’ (Sw. for ‘Dispatch’). [3rd image]
In this tab I choose ‘Start document linkage’ (Sw. ‘Starta koppling av dokument’) with sub-choice ‘E-mail messages’. Then I press ‘Choose receivers’ (Sw. ‘Välj mottagare’) with sub-choice ‘Use an existing list’. I can then browse the computer’s folder structure to locate ‘eM Client Invoice data.xls’ and “Open” it and then making the sub-choice 'MS Excel-sheet via DDE (*.xls) and then ‘The whole sheet’ as next sub-choice.

I then insert linkage markers (Sw. ‘Infoga kopplings-instruktion’) by first placing the cursor before the exclamation mark and then before the full stop pressing ‘Insert linkage markers’ with first sub-choice ‘Name’ and second ‘Amount’. Before making the new image I also used the option ‘Highlight linkage markers’ (Sw. Markera kopplings-instruktioner). [4th image]
I can now preview the result (Sw. ‘Förhandsgranska resultat’). [5th image. N.b. I browsed to receiver #2 before making the image.]

After removing the highlighting I can now finish the dispatching (Sw. ‘Slutför och koppla’). Traditionally I have used sub-choice ‘Print the document’ which in this example would result in two sheets of paper, one for ‘Bertil’ and one for ‘Paul’.
Now I have used sub-choice 'Send e-mail messages and giving the field ‘To:’ as ‘Email’ and ‘Subject:’ as (e.g.) ‘Annual Invoice Letter’ choosing the format as ‘Unformatted text’. Before installing eM Client I got the error message ‘No associated e-mail program’. After the installation I no longer get the message, but neither do I send any e-letters.

Hi, to be honest I’m not a Microsoft Office expert and we believe it can be really complicated using these advanced options in ms word and we’re not completely sure it’s even supported.

If I can suggest something… eM client supports sending out mass emails as well, you can create a distribution list in contacts with the addresses of all the people from the .xls file (however you have to do that manually), and we also support sending the mail as “mass mail” so it sends out mail to each person on the distribution list without having the other addresses in copy or hidden copy etc.

To do that, you can just compose a new mail and select File > Send as Mass Mail.

I believe this might be an easier solution for what you’re trying to achieve.

I hope it helps,

Thank you Paul for your answer.
I believe you have convinced me that eM Client does not provide me with the sevice I am looking for. The difference between the approach you suggested and the one I am looking for is that (in my sketched example) in your approach each receiver has to pay the same amount whereas I want to specify a (possibly) different amount for each receiver.
I finally managed to find the Microsoft documentation in English which I enclose at the end of this reply, in case your company should ever want to extend the perfectly good services provided by eM Client.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Bertil von Post

Use mail merge to send personalized e-mail messages to your e-mail address list
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When you want to send personalized e-mail to recipients in your address list, you can use mail merge to create the e-mail messages. Each message has the same kind of information, yet the content of each message is unique. For example, in e-mail to your customers, each message can be personalized to address each customer by name. The unique information in each message comes from entries in a data file.

Furthermore, with mail merge, each e-mail message is a separate mailing where each recipient is the sole recipient of each message. This is unlike broadcasting an e-mail message to group of recipients or hiding recipients on the blind carbon copy (bcc) line of the message.


  • You must have a MAPI-compatible e-mail program installed. The capabilities of Outlook MAPI (Messaging Application Program Interface) make it possible for Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Outlook to share information when sending the merged e-mail. 

Hi, eM Client is a MAPI-compatible application, depends on if you’ve selected it to be the default application for MAPI.

However I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with the features of our application, I hope you can find a working solution or manage to use the current settings.
But I believe the issue you’re describing is more of a Word issue than eM Client’s, depends on if you’ve set the default application for this.

Thank you for understanding,

I use eM Client as a default application, but in the program itself (eMclient) it is not a standard - do you have any idea, what I do wrong?