Sending duplicate emails from Gmail

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When I send several e-mails with attachments of up to 25mb, the eMClient repeats the sending massively to the recipient until I delete the message. Can you help me to resolve this situation.

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Boa tarde,

Quando envio vários e-mails com anexo de até 25mb o eMCliente repete o envio massivamente ao destinatário até que eu exclua a mensagem. Podem me ajudar a resolver tal situação.

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This can happen when the server does not send the correct response after the messages is uploaded, then it will be uploaded again and again until the servers says it has the message.

Don’t know that I have seen this before with Gmail though, but it may have to do with the file being right on the size limit they allow, which is 25MB.

Does this also happen with messages of 20MB or less?