Sending as an allowed alias

I want to send as (for example) which is an allowed alias on my gmail account. Although I can set the “reply to” to be the recipient still sees my gmail account details. I don’t want anyone to see my gmail account details. How is this possible please? - Lester  

Hello, to setup an alias and send emails using the Alias, navigate to your account setup in Tools > Account > Your account and select “Alias”, add your alias and save the settings.

When composing a new message aliases added to your account should be visible in the dropdown in the “From” field of the new message window.

Hope this helps.

Yes but unfortunately it shows the Gmail address too! How can that be suppressed?

That unfortunately can not be suppressed, you have the gmail account setup, thus this email account will always be available as a sending account unless you disable the SMTP service which would disable the ability to send using the alias as well.

What’s the point in having an alias then? It renders your application useless to me. It’s a feature in most other email clients. When you fix this let me know and I’ll reinstall.

Not really sure what you’re suggesting. An alias is a secondary email address (mostly), if you want to use the alias as your default account, why don’t you setup the account in eM client using this email address?

I did, however the smtp settings are for Gmail, so the Sent items show in Gmail. If I set the smtp to then I wouldn’t be able to see the Sent items and the incoming items from the Gmail webmail screen. I’ll be happy to send more info privately if it helps you to understand my issue… Apart from this issue, your app is the best I’ve found.