Sending and receiving mail stops working

I have been using eM Client on my laptop for over a year. This morning I tried to send several emails and they never left the outbox. No error messages, just nothing happened. Then I realized that I had not received any emails. My phone and my server’s webmail show dozens of messages, but none are coming into eM Client on my laptop.

This happened before, months ago, when I could not send or receive. It fixed itself and started working again. I don’t know what the problem was. I would like to resolve this in a more proactive fashion!

Settings: SMTP and IMAP are both checked, with addresses for both. It says to force SSL/TLS.

Thanks for any help.

Who is your mail Host?
Version of eMC you are using?
If you click on REFRESH does that help?
Can you click on MENU > OPERATIONS > LOG ? Any errors posted?

I restarted my computer, closed and opened eMC, and now everything is working again. Simplest solutions sometimes work. (Multiple hosts for multiple accounts, none of them had worked; version 8.2.1659; refresh didn’t help; no errors posted)

Thanks for responding so quickly.

Same on my side, I have to restart emClient and everything is working again - maybe it was related to the last update, but however roughly speaking since one week the interval is going shorter and shorter.

OS macos 12.0.1
emclient 8.2.1687
provider dogado via IMAP

it is just not updating the inboxes - sync status is shown in activity log, no errors are shown.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Sometimes optional background programs like eg: Firewalls / Security programs, Antivirus programs, VPN’S etc can interfere with email clients, so if you have anything like the above optionally installed if happens again (to test) disable them to see if any of those are the cause.

Failing that if you have an eg: IMAP, Exchange, iCloud account, try removing and re-adding the account in eM Client to see if that fixes it.

Note: Backup first before removing the account via “Menu / Backup”.