Sending and receiving emails but get cannot connect to exchange server!!!!!!

Even though I am sending and receiving messages I keep on
getting a message popping up stating that there is problem connecting to the
exchange server. I have uninstalled and reinstalled emclient (not removing the database) also I have deleted the account and recreated it. Still get the message appearing, apparently after messages are received. It constantly pops up when viewing messages, can be annoying. It has been going on for days. See message here:!ApUjRTKs8Tv4xV4dtdjDZYvxGwqCAbsolutely frustrated in that my password is not accepted (I have it recorded in a password spreadsheet) I then initiate the lost password process (three times and nothing arrives!!!) No email even when logging into web mail.  Have now changed my Hotmail account to IMAP and no error messages!!! Version 7.2.35595.0. My current forum access via Facebook as I cannot make the account sign in work as described.

Observing the log during the mail synch period the problem appears to be with synching the calender, this be the last logged item before the message appears. Emails synch Ok.

I have now extended effort by uninstalling emclient and deleting the database. Then a new install and re-creating the hotmail email account. The problem still remains with synch stopping at calender synch.
 I now put up with the error message as shown in my initial post this needs to be fixed some time. Interested if others have this problem. Cannot conceived how it relates to me only!!!