Sending an email from word 2016

I want to send an email from Word 2017 vienClient. I have done it with Word 2007 without problems, bot now it ist not possible. I have a new pc (asus ), word 10 (as before)  em-Client is my default app, so I really don’t know what to do. In settings for emClient the app is not default

Hi, Open M/S Word,in a new Doc. type ‘test’,on the top left click ‘File’,click ‘Save and Send’,by default ‘Send using Email’ is selected,click ‘Send as Attachment’,eM Client will open with your Doc. ready to send.Hope this helps.

Thank you - but as I wrote: I know how to do - but it does not work for me. I think it is a mapi-problem and I cannot solve it.

This issue is being discussed in the “I have mad Emclient my standardapp but when I look in the settings for the program it shows, that it is not the standard mail program” thread.