Sending a pre-written email template


In outlook, you can write an email, save it to to the desktop and then whenever you want to send it, just click on the desktop email, and press send. What I’m getting at is I have to send the same email every single day when I get to work to tell them I’m here.

I cannot seem to save a pre-written email (normally called a template) ready to send whenever I want. The definition of template is different to other apps, there in outlook and thunderbird, a template is an email which is ready to be sent, but in eM Client, a template is something which you have to have in every email.

In short, can I save a pre-written email ready to send every morning without having to enter the email address and subject every time. You can do this in outlook and thunderbird.

The only think you can’t do in eM Client is have the email address pre-entered.  It must be entered separately for each email sent.  Otherwise, templates are basically the same as TB and Outlook.  I would be a big fan of allowing templates to save addressees.