Sender's name does not appear

Hi there.

I am using eM Client 8.1.876 (234bb7a).
On the left column, the sender’s name does not appear as shown in the picture below.
Only e-mail addresses appear instead of the sender’s name.

I also use Outlook as the e-mail client for the same mail server, but it correctly shows the name.
Is there any option that I missed?

Go to EM Client “Contacts” down at the bottom left and dbl-click / open a contact that has the problem. Then make sure that you have the contact Correct Name (the same) in both the “Overview” and Details" Tabs. This should then show the Persons Name correctly in the Subject and Body of emails.

See below John Smith contact examples.

Thank you for your reply.
Will I need to make Contact info for all the people to have the name on the list?

I think e-mails have the sender’s name information in their header, and the mail client program is usually able to show the name instead of the mail address.

If eM Client does not have that ability, it would be impossible. How would it be?

Yes eM Client has that ability, kind of, but for IMAP accounts eM Client parses this information from the server and not from the message header itself.

Some other email clients will not parse the information from the server, but read it directly from the message, so that is why there is a difference.

To check if it is the server or the message, there is a little experiment you can do:

  1. Right-click on one of these problem messages and choose Save As. This will save the message to a directory on your computer.
  2. In Windows Explorer, go the the directory where the eml file was saved and double-click to open it.
  3. See what the result is and let us know.

@eM_client_2020_1217 for Contacts that are only email address’s when received, I also “Right Click” on the “Senders Email Address” at the top when they come in (where there is no name associated to them), and click “Add Contact” which then automatically opens a new Contact to add the Persons Name details.

Then next time that email address arrives it will show the person’s real name in the from line.

For me that does not change the display. It still only displays the email address, except if I hover over the email address, then it displays the actual name and address from the contact data.

Thank you for the very interesting and to-the-point reply.
I have checked it, and from the saved message, eM Client correctly shows the sender’s name, which means it is the server’s problem?

I asked Support about this and they said it is because the information is displayed from what the server sends to the application. In order for eM Client to read it directly from the message itself “would mean completely throwing out all eM Client code and slow down the sync and loading the messages, which is not what we plan to do at this time. . . . We cannot change this behavior from our side, if this bothers you I would recommend reporting it to your server admin/provider.”

I guess that you need to decide from that who’s responsible.

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Got it. Even I decide who’s responsible, the senders’ name will not be on the list.
So sad.

But many thanks for your help and information.

Thank you!
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


For me that does not change the display. It still only displays the email address, except if I hover over the email address, then it displays the actual name and address from the contact data.

Using My IMAP Gmail , Live & ISP account “right clicking on the email address” with No Name & clicking add to contacts & typing a real name to it, EMC then seems to automatically have the correct persons name displayed in the From line the (next time that email address arrives). Same thing happens if I manually add contacts and type in the email address associated to the new contact.

So i figured that it must be an EMC function that does this matching email address to real name in the from line apart from manually hovering your mouse over the email address (as you said) above where there is no real name displayed initially.

However as you said its the IMAP Server that tells EMC the name details, so must be magic it works for me as alot of new email address’s i have never had in Gmail, Live or ISP contacts on the web online at all.

It may also just be broken in the internal version I am using. ;-(