Sender list in "Sent items" and "inbox" confusing, lists names of the editing history

I upgraded to Version 7 (7.0.27943), and after the upgrade I find confusing lists of names in the display lists of “inbox” and “sent items”. Apparently, names of the editing history are entered into the headers of the listed mails.


When I send a mail to someone (X), and X replies, the reply in my inbox list says that the reply has been sent by me  and X.

When I forward a mail received from someone (Y) to someone else (Z), the forwarded mail in my “sent items” lists erroneously states that I forwarded the mail  to Y and Z. The situation is even worse when I edit the list of addresses of the mail when forwarding.  

All of this is very confusing.    

Is there a solution for this problem? I urgently need the list of senders/recipients in the inbox and sent items list to be accurate.

Please help!   

Gee - I found the solution! It is the new “conversation view” feature that causes the mess. When upgrading to Version 7, Emclient switches to “conversation view” which displays and groups the whole editing history of the mail. To disable the conversation view, you go to menu -> display -> conversation view" (German: Menü -> Ansicht -> Unterhaltungsansicht) and disable the conversation view feature.

Problem solved!

Hello Gerhard,

Thank you for the update and for sharing the answer to your question.