Sender email Address

One of the good features of version 6 was inclusion of the sender’s email address in the heading over the email.  Very useful for creating rules.
I have now installed version 7, and the email address is not included.  I’ve looked for a way to get it back and not found it.  (One option I thought might work includes my email address in the window showing the message received.)
Please help.

I believe it’s under Settings --> Mail --> Read --> “Show email address in email header”

That was the one I tried.
It does actually show the sender’s address and my address for the individual emails.
I happened to pick an email with a long From before the email address when testing it.

Hello Phil,
it’s exactly as LighterThanYouThink mentioned above, but I understand that your issue has been resolved now?
If not and you believe there is a bug in the headers, could you specify or forward me the EML file where you experienced this problem?


Thank you for your interest.
The issue has been resolved in that I can obtain the sender’s email address in the window on the right showing the message.
I think the Version 6 approach was better.  When emails are organized by From, there was a dark line over the emails from that address showing the sender’s Name and Email Address.  Easier to copy when creating a rule.
Mind if I make a suggestion?  It would be even easier if the right-click options for any email included an entry reading “Make Rule for this Sender”.  The Rule Tool could then open with the From line already Added with the address.
This would be a useful convenience.

when you click the sender/recipient, there is the option to Create a rule from it, like so:

Is this what you meant?


Yes.  Thanks.  Much appreciated.