sender and recipient photo in email

hello.  recently, i received two separate emails from 2 different customer service reps at 2 separate companies.  interestingly, within emclient, their photo (or a photo of someone) was in the photo box, located to the left of the from/to fields.

2 questions:

  1. where are these photos being sourced from ?  facebook or some other social media platform perhaps ?  or something else ?
  2. is there a place within emclient, where i can load my photo ? 

my concern is that i use em client to email professional contacts and should emclient be “pulling” a photo from social media that is NOT professional, i am genuinely concerned.

kindly advise.  thanks in advance.

Hi, if somebody sends you an email using an email address under which he registered a facebook account it might download his avatar, this is an option in eM client,
but only if you’re using the facebook chat feature in our application.

Other option would be if the contact was saved in your contacts folder, or it was their server feature.

I hope this helps,