Sender account auto chose using rule

Hello there, a longtime Thunderbird user here. I am currently evaluating either I can switch from Thunderbird to eM Client 1:1. I have figured out most of the features. I thing left is a feature introduced in this addon in thunderbird:
Its called flexible identity. It allows to create a rule that triggers when one wants to send a message. For example, if you have 4 different account and one of them is you work email, like, you always want to use it when sending messages to people in domain. In case you try to do it from a different account, the addon would ask you either you want to apply the rule after you press send. And the rule could be, to always use when sending to domain addresses. This way it is impossible (or at least very hard) to send a message to someone from an incorrect account.

Is such functionality available in eM Client? I would appreciate all help.

Unfortunately that option is not available in eM Client. I was a regular user of Evolution on Linux, and that application has send account overrides for specific folders or recipient addresses. It would be nice to see this kind of functionality in eM Client, but I think that the developers are not aiming for an all bells-and-whistles application like you would find in opensource.