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Outlook has the great feature that I use to store emails: Send to OneNote. It puts a nice copy of the email into OneNote (if you haven’t tried OneNote, you should…it is very unlike any Microsoft product). Anyway, it preserves links, puts the text in as text and puts the attachments in as embedded files. I find this a great alternative as OneNote permits all kinds of media to be mixed on the same notebook page. I can add my own notes and whatever else I like. I would be happy to supply whatever examples might be helpful to see how this works.


thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider to add the feature in future releases.

Thank you,

Please do it. It should be simple and is the only feature keeping me with Outlook.

Hi, as 2 years are gone now: Is it implemented now?
Also for us, it’s one or the few features that keep us to Outlook.

Right click on message > Print > choose printer “Send to OneNote”

But then a virtual print is all you get. The same as on paper: you can’t klick on the links, you cannot double click the attachments; well, you can but nothing happens. Nothing at all like Outlook.

Hello All
Do we have an update on One Note functionality. Do we plan any better integration that is available now?

Please! - I am now a lifetime updates owner of eM Client but also very much want / need full transfer to OneNote functionality please.

I also need this functionality - I love most of eM Client but I miss Send to OneNote so much that I am moving back to Outlook.  Such a shame.

You could do this instead:…

I believe that only works for OneNote in the cloud, not on one’s own machine.

Yes, if your OneNote is synced with the cloud, then it will work.

The same option is there for EverNote, and is very useful especially if you want to send the message to someone else’s EverNote or OneNote.