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When selecting send to mail recipient, Win 10 tells me no default email program has been set. I have set eM client as the default and Windows shows that the program has all its defaults. In the eM client settings, it says eM client is not the default mail program, but when I press the Make Default button a Windows message comes up telling me to go Settings,System,Default apps and set the default. In default apps it shows eMclient as the default Mail handler. Why is Win 10 not recognising eM client as the default email program?
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Win10 set’s Outlook automatically as standard. if you want’ to change this the only way is:
assign the filetypes (pst or others) to em Client. You can also tray it with a stored item for example with a .eml file. Tell win explorer "open with… “em client” and use as standard program.
that’s it

If I set MS Outlook 2010 as the default mail handler, the right click and send to:mail recipient it works just fine. Does not work when em client is set as default, so the fault must lie with em client. Pity, because I prefer em client to Outlook.

Please try installing .NET 3.5, this was a fix suggested by support which fixed the same problem in Server 2012 R2.

As you can see in the associated protocols, em client is set as the default Mailto program. All the usual mail extensions are associated with em client The only solution I can come up with is to create a shortcut to em client and put it in the send to folder.

Hi Phil,
Brilliant, problem solved.
Many thanks

Hello John,
the problem is with Windows 10 which sometimes doesn’t respect the Default settings.
You can either go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Default Programs and check if eM Client has all its defaults or install .NET 3.5 as was mentioned above.


Hi Olivia,
Installing .net 3.5 solved the issue.

I did have .Net 3.5 installed and all defaults were assigned to EM Client.  However, once I updated to version 7.1.30794.0 I was able to use the right-click Send To Mail Recipient feature in Windows. So good to have it back!

Seems like the problem discussed here has returned.  I am getting that same “no Outlook profile installed, etc, etc” when I try to use “Send To, Mail Recipient.”  I have eM Client 7.1.31454.0 installed and .Net 3.5.  any new ideas?

Did you choose Select All in the Control Panel settings?

I had the same problem with windows 11. I went to the Microsoft Download Centre and downloaded .NET Framework Repair Tool. I ran the repair tool and within seconds I was able to utilize eM Client with the " Send to Mail Recipient" function. I hope this helps.