Send to all email addresses for a contact with multiple email addresses via a distribution group

Is there a way to send a message to all of a contacts multiple email addresses when that contact is part of a distribution group. At the moment, messages for contacts with multipl email addresses seem to go only to the first (primary) address. EM client seems able to import multiple email addresses from csv for a contact if they are specified, so it seems strange not to have some way of sending to all of them
This is a feature which is almost essential for sporting clubs & the like who need to send bulk messages to contacts in groups with multiple emails for one contact (eg Children with 2 guardians etc).
As SMS from email client is becoming popular, it would be nice to be able to select (at distribution group level ) from mobile phone number or email address as a destination for a group of contacts also

Hi, this is unfortunately not possible you would have to have a separate contact for each person’s email address you want to send out, or you can add the other email addresses to the list manually without linking the contact to the list.


Thanks Paul.

Would this be a feature that EM Client would consider incorporating, or could it be done as a paid customisation or development to the software, Does it sound complex to implement

I have marked this request for consideration with future updates of the application, however as other addresses can be added to the distribution list or other members can be added by using another contact item in your contacts folder, this currently not on our roadmap to upcoming updates.

Thank you,